Cooking fresh green beans?

sue62, Feb 10, 8:41am
I've tried everything, boiling, microwave, stir fry but the beans still come out tough and unpleasant to eat!
How do others cook their freshly picked beans!

elliehen, Feb 10, 8:51am
OOPS!A second thread by accident.I steam my freshly picked beans :)

thed12, Feb 10, 8:53am
yeap steaming, delish topped with a sprinkle of pepper and a dab of butter.

vixen, Feb 10, 8:54am
Steaming works well, as does grilling in the oven.

amazing_grace, Feb 10, 9:10am
It's all inthe slicing.The exterior of them can be really tough, and putting them through an old fashioned bean slicer makes them very edible!

lynja, Feb 10, 6:53pm
are you picking the beans too late sue! better to pick them when they are young and tender.Running a pealer down each side can remove the stringy bit if you are using beans which are too large.

beaker59, Feb 10, 8:23pm
That will be the problem specially with scarlet runners.

To cook I put about 1cm of water in the bottom of the pot with a pinch of salt (or season once cooked as its easy to ver season this way) and a large knob of butter then add beeans whole or chopped cook on medium heat until water has boiled away and butter has just started to sizzle and started to brown beans just in places. mmmmmmm very nice

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