Cooking fresh green beans?

sue62, Feb 10, 8:41am
I've tried everything, boiling, microwave, stir fry but the beans still come out tough and unpleasant to eat!
How do others cook their freshly picked beans!

elliehen, Feb 10, 8:43am
Steam them :)

dolma, Feb 11, 7:59am
+1 Steam them :)

.And pick them young rather than letting them grow big and tough

gardie, Feb 11, 8:11am
Put a pinch of baking soda into the water.An old lady I boarded with once taught me this - it really did work.We grow our own beans now though and because I pick them young, there is no need to do this.I always do it with store bought beans though.

Finely sliced and stir fried is also pretty good.

uli, Feb 11, 8:46am
If they really are "freshly picked" - as in from your own garden - and they come out "tough and unpleasant to eat" then you have either a variety that needs to be picked much smaller and younger or you have let them sit in the hot kitchen for hours after picking instead of putting them into the fridge straight after picking to cool them down.

If you bought them - then they can be days or even a week old and dried out and stringy.

ern2, Feb 11, 10:58am
Cook without salt, which can be added later

lythande1, Feb 11, 7:38pm
Tough! You didn't pick them when they were young and tender.

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