Kugelhof Cake Tin.

kitcheno, Jan 29, 4:33am
Anyone seen them in the shops!

kitcheno, Jan 29, 4:48am
Thanks, hoping for a solid one.

elliehen, Jan 29, 4:54am

uli, Jan 29, 5:12am
If you try "gugelhupf" (which is the english version of gugelhopf) - then it might work better.


davidt4, Jan 29, 5:34am

elliehen, Jan 29, 6:29am
Just to add.one of mine I bought in the USA and the other I found just recently in an OP shop.

cookessentials, Jan 29, 6:17pm
Most specialty cookware stores sell Kugelhopf tins.

kitcheno, Feb 3, 7:38am
Do you have them!

uli, Feb 3, 8:22am
Ahhh - WRONG question LOL :)

knowsley, Feb 3, 8:27am
Right question - I'm keen to know too. Do you sell them Cooks!

elliehen, Feb 3, 9:00am
I found both Kugelhopf and Bundt pans on this kitchen website :)


vintagekitty, Feb 3, 9:19am
oh ellie, thats a red flag to the oddballs

knowsley, Feb 3, 9:30am
Thanks Ellie - that looks a terrific site! I think more people should know about it. Looks like they have a great range of products, and she seems very friendly and knowledgeable.

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