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hohee, Oct 30, 3:35am
Last year made a delicuious one with crushed pineapple,have mislaid it. Does anybody have the recipe/ Thank you.

peterlap1, Oct 30, 7:58am
wifey makes the same one and she said it's an Alison Holst recipe.

music_note, Oct 30, 10:00am
Hi - try searching - left of screen - for pineapple Christmas cake.

scout_6001, Oct 30, 8:32pm
I made Alison Holst's pineapple Christmas cake this year, looks good.
It includes smaller cakes as well.


macandrosie, Nov 3, 5:59am
I agree Alison Holst christmas cake recipe is soooo nice! I have made it for years, it's a family favourite!

korbo, Nov 3, 6:56am
how far in advance do you make the pineapple one. I wondered if it would keep or go mouldy with the pineapple in it.

celosia, Nov 11, 3:12am
certainly looks to be a lovely cake, but just like korbo, wondering how well it keeps with no alcohol in it!

craftylady1, Nov 11, 3:15am
I make Alison Holsts Pineapple Xmas cake fgrequently.not only for Xmas but weddings, 21sts, anniversarys.and any other occasions Im asked to make it

craftylady1, Nov 11, 3:16am
Have never had that problem.the pineapple must be really well drained though.usually drain it overnight

marley, Nov 11, 3:23am
So how long does this last or keep for and how best do you keep this if you are saving it for closer to christmas! I want to make 2 as gifts for friends.

craftylady1, Nov 11, 3:36am
I will be making mine in the next couple of weeks. I make 1 for MIL each xmas and it lasts her for weeks.plus the month or so be4 xmas that I make it. It needs to be cooked properly, like an cake with fruit. Also im guessing the brandy would keep it from going off.

After its cooked, I warp in baking paper, aluminium foil, then wrap in dry teatowels and leave it in the pantry.up high

celosia, Nov 11, 4:27am
hi craftylady1 - maybe I am not looking at correct recipe because I can't see brandy in recipe as posted above.

grandma, Nov 11, 4:28am
Another vote for Alison Holt's Pineapple Christmas Cake - I make it every year.

celosia, Nov 11, 4:29am
I am looking at making my first ever Christmas Cake so just want to make sure I'm looking at a good recipe that will only let me down (hopefully not though) due to my own error.

celosia, Nov 11, 10:35pm
hi grandma - do you use alcohol in this recipe! Thanks.

grandma, Nov 11, 11:14pm
After I take the cake out of the oven, I pierce it all over with a fine knitting needle then pour brandy (or sherry) generously over the top, cover it loosly and leave it overnight in the tin until it is well and truly cold.I take it out of the tin the next morning, wrap it tightly in greaseproof paper and teatowels and put it under the bed in a cool spare bedroom until I ice it (about a week before Christmas.)Works for me, so I hope it does for you.

harrislucinda, Nov 12, 12:47am
minein theovennowHopeallgoeswellasanewrecipeto me

craftylady1, Nov 12, 1:01am
Thats probably becoz I add it myself.hehe. About however much u want.drizzled over the top as soon as it comes out of the oven

celosia, Nov 12, 2:00am
cheers, thanks for the replies - I'm quite excited about making this cake so will get my shoppping list together this week.

craftylady1, Nov 12, 2:26am
I bought all the stuff for mine.and the 1 I make for MIL.this morning. Hopefully make it later this week
Good luck celosia.hope u enjoy making your cake as much as I enjoy making mine

eljayv, Nov 13, 12:20am
Craftylady you say you drain the pineapple.when i looked at the recipe the instruction is to put it in a frypan with all the fruit and simmer till thejuice is absorbed.Please tell me your process.Isthis what othersdo !

grandma, Nov 13, 8:53am
I have been making this cake for years.I wonder if craftylady is using an early Alison Holst recipe!In later ones, she does simmer the fruit, but the earlier one she drains.I have found the later one suit me fine.Hope this helps!

eljayv, Nov 13, 7:55pm
grandma, thanks, I was unsure what was required I drain it when I make carrot cake but haven't tried this Christmas cake recipe before.

scout_6001, Nov 13, 8:49pm
I made the Christmas cake a little over a month ago now, so checked to make sure it is alright.All is good.I wrapped it in greaseproof paper and teatowels and stored it in a cool place.I never put alcohol in it, nor on top, but made sure it was cooked properly.

uli, Nov 12, 11:06pm
bump for another Xmas.

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