4 egg yolks to use up or freeze ideas please!

supercook, Oct 8, 11:46pm
I just made a pav so have 4 egg yolks left any ideas to use up or can I freeze them like I do with egg whites!

motorbo, Oct 9, 12:00am
make lemon curd .yummmmmmmmmor mayo

supercook, Oct 9, 12:18am
I just made lemon curd.

lilyfield, Oct 9, 12:48am

dilligaf_dah, Oct 9, 1:34am

uli, Oct 9, 1:37am
Lemon sauce to go with the pav!

motorbo, Oct 9, 2:45am
yummm gosh i luv the stuff

julie55, Oct 9, 2:46am
Pasta. add flour and salt, rest dough. Roll out.

elliehen, Oct 9, 3:03am

southerngurl, Oct 9, 3:10am
omg i need to come over there and hug you, that website is fantastic, and im always stuck for side dishes and desserts. thank you!

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