Made choc cake with NO sugar

darlingmole, Sep 16, 1:33am
and it's horrible/bitter/yuk~!is there anyway that I can resurrect this to some sort of enjoyable eating!

cookessentials, Sep 16, 1:37am
What about a sweet filling! split cake in hlaf and maybe raspberry jam and a ganache and then a chocolate icing on the top.

kiwitrish, Sep 16, 1:48am
Turn it into rum balls.

asue, Sep 16, 1:50am
Use for dessert with sickly sauce to sweeten.

elliehen, Sep 16, 2:04am
Make a chocolate trifle.

timturtle, Sep 16, 2:05am
What about sprinkle with sugar and pour custard over for pudding !

deus701, Sep 16, 2:21am
How dry is the cake! is it quite moist! maybe you can stab it with a skewer and pour hot syrup all over

randomized, Sep 16, 3:15am
Well on a plus side, least you didn't 'accidentally' use salt.
Therefore it is quite savable and the above posters has some really good ideas. :)

buzzy110, Sep 16, 4:26am
I bet you are gutted. All that effort and looking forward to a nice cake for your efforts. I did that once. It was part of the dessert for a sit down meal for 17. Luckily I had made other things but some people were hanging out for my choccy cake even though I hardly knew any of the invited guests. Hope your salvage attempts work.

melp6, Sep 16, 7:46am
That is why you need to lick the bowl!

I was going to put mine in the oven one day -tasted it, and yup-no sugar, luckily I could rescue it

maggiemay33, Sep 17, 6:03am
Make a nice caramel or chocolate sauce and pour over cake. yummy

arl5, Sep 17, 6:06am
i make mine with a cup of grated beetroot and it is simply devine . rich and moist

buzzy110, Sep 17, 6:23am
Excellent advice.

uli, Sep 17, 6:30am
Of course you can "re-surrect" it!

Dribble it with lots of sugary syrup (decide which tang you like) - or make it into rum balls (again with lots of sugary syrup) - or slice it very thinly and fill or top it with whatever sweets you like.

Or - you could of course - feed it to the chooks or ducks .

and be very happy that you do not have to eat it :)

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