Help wanted please. Cake margarine!

kiwitrish, Sep 4, 10:10pm
Help, I have an English recipe that requires cake margarine.Anyone heard of it and if so where can I buy it.

nfh1, Sep 4, 10:14pm
Never heard of cake margarine and I am a Brit - looks like Goodman Fielder have a product called that though.

davidt4, Sep 4, 11:03pm
I've never heard of it either.It sounds revolting.

Use butter instead.

sarahb5, Sep 4, 11:23pm
Well I'm English and I know exactly what it is - Echo - sold in a solid block like butter but cooking margarine.Its just a cheaper and less salty alternative to butter so I'd use butter instead.

kiwitrish, Sep 5, 12:12am
I remember stork and echo too.Shows how old I am.I wanted it for the pastry for Cornish pasties as I have justgot the true recipe from the Cornish pastie web site.Might have to make the pastry I normally do.Thanks anyway guys.

nfh1, Sep 5, 5:12am
Have heard of Stork but not Echo and I don't remember Stork being called 'cake margarine'.I think I would use butter as well going by the ingredients on the Goodman Fielder site.

nauru, Sep 5, 9:14am
Wow, that's a blast from the past, I too remember Stork & Echo margarines.They were long before the soft margarines, my Mum used either for baking.

pickles7, Sep 5, 11:20am
Cake margarine, is a "Bakels "product. We used it in our Bakery. I have not seen it in any Supermarket.

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