Help marshmellow cake

angierose, Aug 18, 3:39am
any one got a recepie they can fling at me! Im sure my mum uses jelly crsytals but Im goggling cant see one that uses them

lindylambchops1, Aug 18, 3:50am
Are you meaning a cake!or slice!

Try the SEARCH function Message Board
Date posted:Last year

that should bring up heaps of recipes

Good Luck

angierose, Aug 18, 3:54am
thankyou ;)

jessie981, Aug 18, 4:56am
Edmonds has the Jelly crystal topping. Probably to late now. Will post if you want it.

pam.delilah, Aug 18, 5:24am
Marshmallow Shortcake

125g butter,
125g sugar,
1/2tsp vanilla essence,
1 egg,
225g flour,
1tsp baking powder.
cream butter & sugar, add essence,add egg, then sifted dry ingred.
Roll out to about 12mm thick. Place on cold tray bake 30mins at 180.

Jelly Marshmallow topping

1 pkt jelly soak in 1 1/2C water for 10 mins then boil for 8 mins.
When cool add 1C icing sugar & beat till thick & stiff.
Spread on cold base. Sprinkle with coconut or ice.


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