Help I need to find Choc stones, rocks 4 cake

angel21_01, Aug 7, 10:27pm
cake people or does anyone else know in NZ where i can get chocolate candy coated stones/rocks/pebbles (not the cadbury ones) for a cake I am doing that don't have almonds in them just the straight chocolate center I can find them overseas but want to try here first.Any help would be greatly appreciated

skarlotte, Aug 7, 11:33pm
I'm not sure how big you want them but my sister gave me some Blackwood Rainbow Choc Chips to use for decorating muffins. they are brightly coloured candy coated little chocolate chips. you can get them at Countdown :o)

sclaredy_cat, Aug 8, 12:43am
I found something like that at KMart - I bought them thinking they would be perfect for a novelty cake. They were all different shapes and sizes, varying shades of brown, solid chocolate, and yes they looked just like rocks. Mind you this was during Christmas when they have a huge amount of confectionery they don't usually stock. But you could give it a try!

angel21_01, Aug 8, 1:25am
Great i will pop in tomorrow fingers crossed they have that

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