Looking for an egg poacher

korbo, Jul 13, 10:59pm
I am looking for the PERFECT egg poacher.
Have tried the rings, they stick, thenbought a frypan with rings attached, they were too small, and egg overflowed.

Have just seen a 3 egg one in the magnamail....

Has anyone tried this, if so is it anygood.

Otherwise, if anyone knows of a good one, let me know....

antoniab, Jul 13, 11:22pm
Boil water - stir it round, chuck in the egg, put the toast down, toast pops up, take out egg = perfect poached egg. Fresh eggs key-we have our own chooks :)

gingeralenz, Jul 14, 12:12am
Agree for perfect poached eggs all you need isa pot, a little bit of practice and fresh eggs. Water must be moving when you put the eggs in, makes a perfect tear drop egg.

mrsglendhu, Jul 14, 6:36am
Have you seen these egg poachers? http://www.thehomestoreonline.co.nz/itemdetails/Amco-Silicone-Egg-Poacher-2-Pack/3467.aspx
I bought mine from magnamail and they are fantastic. They were cheaper than these ones.

wesdie, Jul 14, 10:17am
Stevens have a similar one to above and looks like a egg shell cracked in half.not sure of price thou

korbo, Jul 14, 10:21am
I just like my eggs to be nice and round, not have all stragly bits on them...
so I will keep looking, thanks so far people......

esther-anne, Jul 14, 10:30am
Pick me!I wil poach your eggs perfectly-the secret in getting no straggly bits and perfectly round is very fresh(preferably free range) eggs and a teaspoon of white vinegar for two in the pot of water.And a pinch of salt.

Who the hell could be fussed with poaching aids????

next1eve11, Jul 14, 10:37am
Agree, thats the perfect way to poach eggs, must have the vinegar

rainrain1, Jul 14, 7:45pm
I can cook 'em OK without the vinegar.What is it supposed to do?

bedazzledjewels, Jul 14, 9:39pm
I'm thinking of getting on of these that boils eggs and can also poach 3 at a time.
Sunbeam Eggo

gaspodetwd, Jul 15, 12:59am
I got mine from Seagars and it works brilliantly. But I agree - fresh eggs are essential! Mine is metal. I do it without vinegar - poached eggs to me are just in water - with freshly cracked black pepper on top!

zappi, Jul 15, 1:03am
bedazzledjewels, we have an Eggo.Our 8 year old loves it as he can have boiled eggs whenever he wants.Very easy to use.The poached eggs work well too.I learnt to put a little spray in before using. Easier to get out.

jfreak, Jul 15, 1:05am
I have a few spare foxes................

davidt4, Jul 15, 1:20am
I saw them at Briscoe's yesterday with 50% off.

bedazzledjewels, Jul 15, 1:31am
Did you get one DT4? Thanks for the thumbs up Zappi.

davidt4, Jul 15, 1:57am
Dazz, I thought about it but in the end didn't buy one.The egg cookers I looked at in Germany were so much better made (more serious, of course) that the Eggolooked like a toy.

bedazzledjewels, Jul 15, 2:36am
Yes, that's what puts me off; the gimmicky look.
However if it's cheap enough, it might be worth it.

seaside_gifts, Jul 15, 2:56am
Hi I bought one off trademe, it makes awesomely perfect round eggs.

seaside_gifts, Jul 15, 3:01am
There is a Scanpan Egg Poaching Pan on at the moment, similar to what we got.

gurlkiwi, Jul 16, 1:42am
I steam my poached eggs in a pot with steamer attachment with a microwave egg dish I got at k mart....Bring water to boil, place the ramekin or egg dish on top tray (sprayed with cooking spray before putting egg/s in)..set timer for 5 mins (for runny)..come out perfect every time

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