Alison Holst baking mix

tania209, Mar 19, 9:03am
does anyone know whether this is still available (haven't seen it in our local supermarket for yonks). What would it have been made of? I have a couple of quiche recipies that use it and wondered what I should use instead? Thanks

bcnd, Mar 19, 10:27am
I have brought it at Pak n Save.

katalin2, Mar 19, 11:10am
Ihave the recipe for Alison Holst's baking mix from about 20 years ago when it was published in the NZ Women's Weekly. Will look for it if you would like it. From memory it was pretty easy to make in the food processor and you store it in the fridge.

nzhel, Mar 19, 12:35pm
I haven't looked for it lately - but the very last time I remember seeing it I think they had revamped the packaging.

korbo, Mar 19, 7:00pm
KATALIN, that wold be good to have it.

katalin2, Mar 21, 6:54am
Baking Mix Recipe
10C flour
2/5C Baking Powder
1 T salt
350gm cold cubed butter
Place dry ingredients in food processor. Pulse a few times to mix well.
Add the butter cubes and again pulse until mixture resembles bread crumbs.
Store in sealed container in fridge for up to 2 months.

guest, Aug 16, 12:28am
I'm also looking for Alison Holst Baking Mix. Does anyone know if it's been deleted please?

guest, Sep 20, 1:28am
Making a quiche and it calls for Alison Holst baking mix {1/2 cup}Any one out there tell me what quantity of flour and baking powder please. Thanks

marchwood, Dec 18, 6:35am
I am also looking for the baking mix, I looked in both supermarkets in Richmond, Tasman, but no luck, does anyone know if i will find it in Nelson. I do not want to make my own as the last lot lasted me about 30 years!!!!

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