How much do you pay for a tin of golden syrup?

kuaka, Apr 10, 11:52pm
I was quite surprised on my visit to Countdown on Saturday when the price of a 1kg tin of Chelsea golden syrup is now $6.45.It seems quite expensive to me.How does that compare to what you pay at your local supermarket?

bitser, Apr 10, 11:58pm
not too expensive really. those tins last for ages!

cookessentials, Apr 10, 11:58pm
Just under $4.00 plus GST

kuaka, Apr 10, 11:59pm
cookessentials - really?Where do you get yours from - not the supermarket I'm guessing.

kuaka, Apr 11, 12:00am
bitser - I guess that depends on how often you use golden syrup.I use it in my muffins and I seem to be always making muffins as my hubby just loves them.

245sam, Apr 11, 12:02am
kuaka, I'm not really surprised at that price for golden syrup - last time I looked (earlier in the year) a 1 Kg tin was $5+ and that was before the price of other sugar products rose so sharply e.g. it's not so long ago that Chelsea brown, caster, icing and raw sugars could all be found on a regular basis for under $2.00/Kg but now the 'normal' price from my observations is almost double that.Fortunately last week our local PnS had those four sugar options at $1.99/Kg so it was time to stock up. :-))

enzedda, Apr 11, 12:24am
If you have a Bin Inn shop nearby you can do 'fill your own' sort of golden syrup much cheaper.Tastes exactly the same :)

cookessentials, Apr 11, 12:52am
I get mine from Moore Wilson in Masterton, they are cash and carry.

lindylambchops1, Apr 11, 1:02am
That is what I do!Wash empty Golden Syrup tin & take to Bin Inn for refill.I use quite a bit of it for baking & porridge, so I take a few tins at a time.

kuaka, Apr 11, 1:38am
hmm, well I will have to try to remember to keep my empty tins then and stock up on the odd occasion I go to Kerikeri which is my nearest Bin Inn, but at almost 60km round trip, it's not worth going there specially.

eastie3, Apr 11, 3:03am
It's even dearer at my local NW.

wildflower, Apr 11, 3:49am
$5 something at Countdown in Masterton when I got one last week.

kinna54, Apr 11, 9:43am
You can but it in a bottle; squeezy type. It was around $3 I think. (although it is only 540gms so still pricey) .I just bought one last week, and I bought the bottle because I was cost cutting, anddon't use it a lot, and normaly the tin goes sticky and yukky, bottle is so easy to handle. It was just in the sugar section of the supermarket shelf, think it was either New World or countdown I got it at.

pickles7, Apr 11, 10:19am
I bought one of those and the syrup will go sugary. I just sit it in a bowl of hot water for a while. The bottle is better though, I agree.

elliehen, Apr 11, 11:53am
You can save, reuse and refill a squeezy bottle.I seem to have accumulated a couple of those red refillable tomato sauce bottles and they are useful for other things.

kuaka, Apr 11, 12:16pm
elliehen, I can just imagine my hubby smothering his fish and chips in golden syrup which is hiding in the tomato sauce bottle - the other day I asked him to get the tomato sauce out of the fridge (it's in it's original Greggs carton) and when I looked, he'd put the Whiskas cat milk on the table!Now that wouldn't be good on snapper and chips.

elliehen, Apr 11, 12:24pm
kuaka, that is a hazard I hadn't thought of ;)

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