Ladies - Want to make choco. cake to thank a

jills3, Mar 7, 6:45am
friend, but recipe requires golden syrup 2 tbspn, any ideas what I can replace the golden syrup with, thanks so much.

1_lil_kiwi, Mar 7, 6:51am
I remember my aunt melting down sugar in a steel soup ladel until it was a brown colour and using it in stews. . she said it was similar to golden syrup . .

add1, Mar 7, 7:03am
have you got treacle or apple syrup, or malt barley syrup - I often use mart barley syrup in place of golden syrup. Treacle will give a stronger flavour but it is still quite nice.

add1, Mar 7, 7:04am
Or maple syrup if you have some

jills3, Mar 7, 7:52am
Thank you so much for replies, I will remember them, I was getting desperate so I ended up making Elsies fingers and I will cover with chocolate icing.

waswoods, Mar 7, 8:09am
Or honey would do

nzhel, Oct 10, 2:52pm
Unless you haven't got any golden syrup - I would use it as its what keeps chocolate cake moist...

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