Too many Banana's what to do?

tarshlove, Feb 15, 1:17am
I have so many Banana's here please give me some ideas to use them I have made a Banana Cake and Banana choc chip muffins so far and would like some other ideas. TYIA

pericles, Feb 15, 1:18am
freeze them

lx4000, Feb 15, 2:30am
agreed. freeze as is! then take them out to defrost before using! Sooo easy and cheap when you can get them at a great price!! Good for thick shakes also:)

jcprotea, Feb 15, 2:33am
Banana bread. Really easy and very tasty

macandrosie, Feb 19, 7:14am
When my kids were young & we had all the cousys down over Christmas, my sister in law & I would buy extra bananas cut them in half & jam an ice block stick into them, then we'd dip in that chocolate crackle coating (for icecream) & freeze them. The kids loved them!

juliewn, Feb 19, 7:59am
Leave the skins on and freeze them - the skins will go black, the insides as they are.

When wanting an easy and quickly made dessert, peel the still frozen banana's - and whizz them in a food processor until thick and like icecream - add some icing sugar if you want, to your taste, and you can also add some milk or cream if you want a creamier texture - whizz again and serve as icecream.. enjoy - and thanks Alison Holst..

This works well with frozen berries too.

donald6, Feb 19, 10:14am
a yummy dessert, peel & slice then gently fry in 2-3 tsps of butter with 2 Tabls of brown sugar & 1 Tabls of kahlua. We did about 6 bananas & had it with icecream tonight.

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