Banana leaves

michelle313, Feb 7, 3:25am
Are they readily available here?I've never cooked with them before but am dying to try using some for a recipe.

uli, Feb 7, 4:47am
Um - yes ... I pick them off my plants usually.

michelle313, Feb 7, 4:54am
Well good for you Uli, but I don't have any in my garden.Anyone else who can help?

uli, Feb 7, 5:11am
I guess there will be none in your neighbourhood - as it is too cold for bananas to grow there.
So your best bet would be an Asian wholesaler who might have frozen ones.

nanasee1, Feb 7, 5:17am
Hi Michelle, fresh banana leaves are readily available at our Saturday vegetable market but I have also seen them in our Asian grocery stores so you might like to try there.

uli, Feb 7, 5:20am
Porirua versus Matamata? :)

lindylambchops1, Feb 7, 5:43am
I hear banana leaves are going cheap in Australia!;)

michelle313, Mar 31, 8:18am
Thanks nanasee1, I will look in those directions.Cheers!!:-)