Ratatouille recipe

greerg, Jan 23, 1:50am
I have never made this because dh insisted he doesn't like eggplant. However, he tried it the other day at lunch where there was a particularly nice herby, almost spicy, one and now thinks it would be OK.I have a number of recipes which vary quite a bit -does anyone have a tried and true version that fits into the herby and maybe a bit spicy category please?It's a good time of year for him to have realised this and I'm looking forward to freezing quite a bit.

antoniab, Jan 23, 2:04am
I use all the vege left in the bottom of the fridge with plenty of garlic and dried oregano lol dont know if that helps at all

carlisle6, Jan 23, 3:02am
If you google ratatouille you will find dozens of recipes. I always use flavoured tins of tomatoes as they have all the herbs and spices already suitable for the dish.

daleaway, Jan 23, 3:28am
If he likes the spiciness ( most men do) then add a dollop of sambal oelek to your basic rat.

greerg, Jan 23, 6:47am
Didn't think of Sambal Olek but now you mention it I think that's what this one had so will try.Yes I have googled but given the variety I found thought I would check for some tried and true ones.

uli, Jan 24, 5:03am
And that turns into a ratatouille?
What else can you do?

elliehen, Jan 24, 5:42am
antoniab can answer a poster's question without mockery.

Can you??

elliehen, Jan 24, 5:47am
antoniab, I do the same with all the extra veg in my fridge at this time of year.

With all the fresh summer vegetables around, it's the ideal time for it.Start with sliced onions in a little olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, red and green capsicums, zucchini, eggplant - even a little celery if you like.I add a handful of fresh basil too.Give it a gentle, slow cooking and all the flavours mingle perfectly.

That will most certainly not be the French Cordon Bleu version, but it's a tasty no-fuss one that works well for us.

eastie3, Jan 24, 5:57am
My version isn't too different ellie,minus the green pepper and celery and the tomatoes are often tinned as I don't always have fresh tomatoes.I add a good slug of white or red wine when starting to simmer the veges and let it thicken,it truly is delicious.

I saw a gorgeous recipe for a baked layered ratatouille recently,I'll see if I can find it.

greerg, Jan 24, 6:03am
That would be great too eastie -thanks.

gardie, Feb 26, 11:15am
I love the tinned tomatoes as they help make it saucy.