taro, how to cook?

anisha123, Mar 5, 5:15am
Can anyone please help me have not cooked it before whats a nice way to cook it? Also whats it taste like as have not tried it before either.

goldgurl, Mar 5, 5:39am
Peel it back with a knife... (3-4mm thick) hard to describe, but you don't want any of the 'spots/dots', just clear white...

anyway, cut it up into even size pieces... not too small! ! cover with water and bring to the boil then turn it down to a simmer... prolly about 30mins, test with a fork, you don't want mush like kumara pumpkin... should be easy enough to poke the fork through... but still firm... lol.

Where are you? Might be easier if I came over and showed you... I'll bring the chop suey LOL

squeakygirl, Mar 5, 5:49am
Bake in the oven - skin on - like a potato until it gives when you squeeze it. Cut open and serve with butter, salt and pepper.

andrea1978, Mar 5, 9:18pm
Make sure you buy the more tender pink taro! Much nicer and have it with coconut cream and onion. Yum!

goldgurl, Mar 5, 9:27pm
with the SKIN ON? ? Ummm that's a first. Personally I'd still give peel it, wrap it in foil, back for about an hour on moderate oven, remove the foil and bake for a further 30 mins if you like a crunchy outter. But skin on... gosh, never heard of it ever being cooked that way - always a first though.

And yeah, the pink is much nicer than the white taro :)

oilbeefhooked, Mar 6, 1:01am
any leftover after being boiled, fry the slices into chips!

goldgurl, Mar 6, 8:32am
Mmm second that! ! sprinkle with salt YUMMY

anisha123, Mar 10, 7:03am
Thanks for that, wil have to try some of these ideas now just to find were to get some good taro in chch.

nahzee, Oct 18, 3:14am
yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . but no tin corn beef tonight. . lol

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