Wild pork

289capri, Jan 12, 2:54am
I have been given a piece of wild pork,[leg] how do I cook it? Do I need to do anything special?

0800xford, Jan 12, 3:01am
you don't need to cook it, you need to send it to me!

beaker59, Jan 12, 3:07am
It can be tougher and stronger flavoured so treat it like normal pork though allow for longer cooking time.

ellebaby, Jan 12, 3:26am
and dont let the smell put u off, rub some garlic on it. wild pork is super yum

us2, Jan 24, 5:03pm
long and slow is the answer. its yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Rub garlic onto it yes..........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm