Fudge won't set

chris160179, Dec 27, 9:20am
anything I can do?

TIA! :)

kabbo, Dec 27, 9:21am
did you beat it long enough.
i would probably get the beater in again, and beat till its starting to sorta crystalise. i have done that before.

chris160179, Dec 27, 9:23am
my husband beat it for aaaaaages!

we waited until the sugar had dissolved, used a candy thermometer and made sure it got to the right temp (116C), and then he beat it

don't know what went wrong

so it is likely to thicken up if i beat again?

kabbo, Dec 27, 9:29am
wondering what ingredients were used.
was it a recipe that had condensed milk??? ive never made that one, thats like a shiny fudge ay?

i would give it another beat and see.

raewyn64, Dec 27, 11:02pm
I had the same problem once and so did a bit of a cheat. I took teaspoons of the soft fudge and rolled them and then dipped them into melted chocolate which hardened around the fudge. The fudge stayed soft but was a yummy chocolate from what was looking to be a disaster :)

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