Fudge,sweets etc etc

t.gypsy, Oct 11, 8:55am
i am going to make some but so far thought of hokey pokey,chocolate and russian fudge. On a tight budget so throw me your veriations or recipes on the topic


auntlb, Oct 11, 8:58am
coconut ice, toffee, truffles

juliewn, Oct 11, 9:40am
Hi.. if you type a name you're looking for in the search bar on the left of your screen, and then change 'last 24 hours' to 'anytime' by clicking on the little blue down-arrow, a number of threads with recipes will come up..

I recently made a recipe I got from here, and highly recommend it:

'Microwave Coconut Ice
This is so easy and creamy I bet you make it twice at least:)
4 cups icing sugar
100 gms butter
1/4 cup milk
microwave for 4 minutes then beat untill its smooth and add 1 1/2 cups coconut and a few drops vanilla, pour 1/2 the mixture into your tray, colour the other 1/2 and pour on top. enjoy

ribit (123 )9:09 pm, Mon 9 Aug #1

For Fudge, I added cocoa to the icing sugar, made as above, and added peanuts..