Anyone else watching NZ Masterchef?

winnie231, Mar 3, 7:00am
... that tuna looked soooo good! ! !
Pity about the piece of clingfilm ...

charlieb2, Mar 3, 7:01am
Watching here, winnie! First series I've watched! !

Watched the final of the Aussie one, and that hooked me! !

winnie231, Mar 3, 7:05am
Hi charlie ... I've enjoyed all the series - each in it's own way ... anything to do with food & I'm there!

unknowndisorder, Mar 3, 7:15am
Couldn't choose which main I'd go for.
Tuna looked yum.
Karyn seems a different person from previously.

winnie231, Mar 3, 7:21am
I think blue team have got this one ... Brett has done a good job as team leader!

winnie231, Mar 3, 7:24am
I have a different view of Karyn after reading that she has stopped breast-feeding to enter the show ... a brave move to go through those hormone changes in such a high pressure situation!

motorbo, Mar 3, 7:27am
brett is the reasons blue won he was great

bluecalico, Sep 26, 11:03pm
that Karyn should be gone... . if she goes on much further doesn't say much for the calibre of cooks!