Sweet breads

reggienz, Dec 20, 4:23am
How much are they and are they easy to buy Tia

samanya, Dec 20, 4:26am
do you mean sweetbreads as part of a sheeps' innards or sweet breads as in the baked/yeasty kind?

reggienz, Dec 20, 4:32am
Sweet breads as in sheep or cattle meat

samanya, Dec 20, 5:05am
after all that ...sorry can't help.
My mum used to serve them up ...I think they were fried but what she did to them before that ...I haven't a clue, but they were scrummy & I loved them, despite being told they were lamb testicles (they are not).
Perhaps ring around a few 'real' butchers?
Good luck.

noonesgirl, Dec 20, 5:12am
If you have The Mad Butcher in your area give them a ring. My local sells them (frozen), but don't think they are cheap.

marie196, Dec 20, 5:17am
yUK ordered these once, thinking they were the bread variety with some nice savoury dipes etc, being a vegetarian was DISCUSTED at what turned up, I nearly vomited

rainrain1, Dec 20, 5:22am
They are neck glands from a milk lamb. They are quite nice boiled, crumbed then fried, or boiled and served with a white parsley sauce

noonesgirl, Dec 20, 5:29am
If they are from lambs, may only be seasonal. I wouldn't eat them or any offal i.e hearts, brains, kidneys, liver or tripe.

fifie, Dec 20, 5:30am
Can be hard to find, we pay about $15kg and not every butcher stocks them. If you have a freezing works near your area with a retail shop ask there...

rainrain1, Dec 20, 5:33am
you should be able to find them frozen

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