Double Cream

soundie1, Mar 2, 9:43pm
Mere Male here , want to make a recipe that has double cream in it. But which super market chain stocks it. Im in a town that has supermarkets but gourmet stuff may be a bit out of their League.
Thanks for any help you can give.

margyr, Mar 2, 9:50pm
i googled and apparently anchor cream is the double cream, also according to wiki it has 48% fat. Reading also on google people have just used the normal cream, or the thickened cream you can get in pots. good luck with whatever you are making.

cgvl, Sep 25, 5:11pm
soundie in most cases our standard cream is equal to what overseas recipes refer to as double cream.
Single cream is like the lite cream we can now buy.
half'n'half is basically half milk, half cream
If you come across a recipe that uses whole milk it generally refers to our full cream milk.
Thickened cream often has gelatin added.
Hope that helps a little

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