Cone Shaped Baking Tin? Pukeko Cake

aisis, Nov 16, 2:49am
I am gonna attempt the pukeko cake from Rob Burns book (Kiwiana Party Cakes) and it says to use a cone shaped cake tin? I cant find one so may need to build a pyrimid shape, does anyone have any handy hints??? Has anyone made this yet?? Im a complete novice so any help would be awesome! - Thanks.

bisloy, Nov 16, 2:53am
Hire a tin?

chicco2, Nov 16, 3:32am
You could bake it in a large bowl or Pyrex jug, let it cool and cut it to shape, if you cant hire a tin.

cookessentials, Nov 16, 3:34am
A dolly varden tin is what you want.

cookessentials, Nov 16, 3:41am

They are available in New Zealand, however, you will pay close to $60 for one.

tortenz, Nov 16, 4:05am
Yea try hiring one from your local shop.Other wise just make a few smaller cakes, stack them (icing between each cake to hold it together), then carve the shape you need.

There will be waste, but you will get the correct shape.

Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect!And icing will hide many mistakes

aisis, Nov 16, 7:37am
Thanks heaps for all your help:)

nogrannyma, Aug 10, 7:46pm
The Lotto shop in Swanson (Just at the back of Henderson / Lincoln Rd area) Hire cake tins for $3 overnight. I use them frequently & the lady there is super nice too! Give them a call to make sure they are have the tin in before you drive down - she will hold it for you for when you need it too. Ask for the Dolly Varden tin - thats the one you need. Good Luck with your cake.