Annabel Langbein Bread Recipe please

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brettnat, Nov 14, 8:38am
Hi I switched over to late lastnight and only caught the end of the bread recipe does anyone have the loaf rec please ITlooked delicious thanks allot :)

skye7, Nov 14, 8:51am
Try TV on demand you should be able to watch last nights show. Also her web site usually has the recipes she has done on her show

gilligee, Nov 14, 9:04am
No, they don't seem to have it On Demand and they don't have the recipes on her website. You can buy the book they say.

brettnat, Nov 14, 9:08am
yes i did also check on demand and her website before asking here does anyone have the bread rec ??it looked very easy and yummy.... Thanks

245sam, Nov 14, 9:24am
brettnat, Annabel making her bread can be viewed at:- and the bread recipe can be found at:-

brettnat, Nov 14, 9:52am
245sam you rock :)) thanks heaps

245sam, Nov 14, 10:10am
you're welcome brettnat and if/when you make the bread please do share your thoughts re the recipe and its end result.:-))

dezzie, Nov 14, 5:29pm
What got me about that segment, is seeing her picking the sunflower seeds, which she said she toasted, I wanted to see how she "shelled" them, but it wasn't shown :( I've got a feeling it would be an annoying fiddly job.

puppetman, Nov 14, 9:11pm
Thanks so much for this. I also missed some of the recipe on the night... One thing I remember she said that it doesn't mention in the recipe... I think she said let it stand for 5 minutes... recipe says 10... but she said at the end of that, if it isn't frothing slightly, tip it out and buy fresh yeast. It won't work if it isn't frothing... (if thats the right term)

245sam, Nov 14, 9:23pm
Yes puppetman, I too recall Annabel making the point that the water, honey and yeast mixture needs to be frothy/frothing at the end of the standing time and if it's not to start that mixture again as there would be two likely reasons for the mixture not being frothy/frothing i.e. the yeast could be too old or the water and honey mixture could have been too hot in which case it would have killed the yeast before it had had time to work and make the mixture frothy.:-))

daleaway, Nov 14, 11:23pm
Thanks 245sam - someone rang me just as she was telling you the times and temperatures, so I'm glad of those links.
I agree they should have shown how the sunflower seeds were shelled - if anyone has a tip for an easy way to do that, please share. I don't have a team of OompaLoompas to do it for me...!

brettnat, Nov 14, 11:44pm
OOOOHHHH My loafs are in the oven at 80Deg for 20 mins yummy cant wait for them to be ready ill post back once there out the oven takes another 30-40mins at 210deg after the initial 20mins....

bluecalico, Nov 15, 2:41am
I tea smoked some salmon and made served with horseradish cream from her latest book...........delicious...ser-
ved with sour dough. Will try the bread one next. Expensive cookbook, but very nicely presented.

seniorbones, Nov 15, 4:01am
which brand of yeast should I use for the bread? I only have the surebake brand.

seniorbones, Nov 15, 4:02am
bluecalico wrote:
I tea smoked some salmon and made served with horseradish cream from her latest book...........delicious...ser-
ved with sour dough. Will try the bread one next. Expensive cookbook, but very nicely presented.[/quoteyes $59.99 for the book but its in the warehouse 49.99, I have asked santa for it but I WANT IT NOW!!!

puppetman, Nov 16, 2:54am
brettnat... why didn't you offer to share a slice with me? ;) They look AWESOME!!! What were they like to eat? Were they heavy? light? moist? I also would like to know best yeast to buy. I do have some in the fridge from ages ago but I'll buy new...

brettnat, Nov 16, 10:28pm
Ah so sorry puppetman all the bread is gone now!! Ill have to bake some tonight!!!I used the edmonds sure to rise active yeast.

brettnat, Nov 16, 10:29pm
Oh bread is quite heavy and very moist ( didnt have time to get dry it got eaten so quickly, it was very handy to take as a plate to for drinks at a friends with Hummus and olive oils yummmmy )

245sam, Nov 16, 10:30pm
brettnat, thanks for the feedback and pics of your bread - the loaves look great and obviously, must have tasted great too.:-))

rayna1, Nov 17, 3:08am
I made the bread this morning using Tasti Active Dried Yeast. Turned out well although I put it into 2 ordinary sized loaf tins and should have used three tins as it all rose up and came over the edge and onto the bottom of the oven, so was a bit of a mess to clean up. Apart from that!!!! it was so lovely.Reminded me of a vogel texture.Will certainly make it again.

chic-a-dee, Nov 17, 4:03am
Yum! They look just as good as hers did!! well done!

svx1, Nov 21, 9:04am
Oh I made the bread yesterday 2 loaves and 4 loaves today just great but I notice that although I smooth thetop of the laof out and slash the top as in recipe I have noticed that it tends to dip down on top and Itook special care on the other 4 loaves has anyone experienced that otherwise we just love the bread so much like vogels !! We had fresh eggs from our girlies and toast for breakfast and it was delicious the bread actually seems the same as the bread you used to buy from the fantastic cafe in thelevens store in New Market does anyone remember the cafe??Havent been there for awhile dont know if its gone or not...

sylvia1, Nov 22, 4:24am
Here is the recipe from the book.

Busy People's Bread

2 cups boiling water
4 tsp honey
2 cups cold water
7 tsp dry yeast granules
2 3/4 cups high-grade flour
2 3/4 cups wholemeal flour
3 tsp salt
2 cups sunflower seeds
4 Tbsp pumpkin seeds

Preheat oven to just 80degc and grease and line two 25 x 10cm loaf tins with baking powder.

In a large bowl, mix the boiling water with the honey to dissolve. Add the cold water and yeast and put to one side for 10 minutes.

Whisk the yeast mixture then add white and wholemeal flour, salt and sunflower seeds and mix with a large spoon until evenly combined. (The mixture will be a very loose, wet batter.)

Divide mixture between prepared loaf tins, spread evenly and flatten the top. Sprinkle 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds over the top of each loaf and run a sharp knife through the top of each loaf in at least 3 or 4 places so it rises evenly without splitting.

Bake for 20 minutes at 80degC and bake for a further 30-40 minutes. When cooked, the loaves will sound hollow when tapped. Turn out of the tins while still hot and leave to cool. This bread stays fresh for several days and toasts well.

brideeshere, Nov 29, 9:29am
Thanks for the recipe sylvia1 ... please note that your last paragraph omitted a section in it that would probably make a big difference to the results of the cooked bread i.e. Bake for 20 minutes at 80ºC and then turn up the oven to 210˚C and bake for a further 30-40 minutes.

daleaway, Nov 30, 12:16am
Lining the tins with baking powder or baking paper, Sylvia?
Thanks anyway, appreciated.