any one have any ideas how to cook a Table hen ?

dvs4rd, Feb 27, 1:43am
Does anybody have any yummy ideas how to do a table hen, i got a few as they were on special, we had one last weeek and i did it in crockpot and it was very tuff, have been told the same if you roast them. TIA any ideas appreciated

maximus44, Feb 27, 2:32am
They are probably better for soup. Long, slow boiling.

winnie231, Feb 27, 2:47am
Do what we used to do with tough old birds ... boil them!

Add onion, celery & carrot plus a bay leaf for flavour to the pot with the chicken, cover with water & bring to the boil then simmer for 1 hour approx.
Drain but reserve stock for soups & ... You can freeze it.
Remove the meat from the carcass while its still warm then use for pie filling, sweet&sour, curry, ...

kirinesha, Feb 27, 2:58am
I'd suggest this way too BUT you can just bring to boil for 5 mins, put the lid on and turn the heat off and leave the whole lot in the water for an hour then remove from the water and remove the flesh. You don't need to boil for the whole time, the retained heat cooks it brilliantly and keeps it very tender. I know it sounds strange but my family have done it this way for years and it gives the best result imaginable (and yes, the chicken does cook the whole way through perfectly).

theanimal1, Feb 27, 3:13am
i simmer for 4 hours

uli, Sep 12, 6:50pm
I simmer in the crockpot from morning to mid-afternoon. None of my old laying hens (that is what these birds are) would be "soft" in just 5 minutes plus standing time. Normal chickens yes - but not old laying hens. The commercial ones are younger than mine though - usually only 15 to 18 months.

I then let them cool over night in the crockpot under their own broth and remove the meat the next morning and shred it very finely and use in the soup with lots of veges.

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