Straight sided terrine tin? Where to buy?

unicstudent, Oct 12, 8:39am
Hi, I have been trying to source a straight sided terrine tin, as opposed to the slanted side loaf type tins, but can only seem to find Le Cruset ones at around $300. Does anyone know of any sources? I cannot even seem to find a commercial supplier. I would be grateful for any suggestions :)

chicco2, Oct 12, 7:28pm
Like this?323316403 or are the ones in that auction different?

petal1955, Oct 12, 8:34pm
Are you looking for a souffle dish?

cookessentials, May 25, 10:57pm
Apilco do a straight sided terrine with lid which is made for terrines ( funny that!) they are white and $94.00
It is octagonal in shape.

15.5 x 11 cm. Beautiful French Apilco terrine. Apilco, a leading trademark of Deshoulieres SA, France (since 1826), is a functional yet aesthetic collection of tableware and cookware. All Apilco items are made in France of 'hard porcelain' that is totally non porous and this makes it resistant to mechanical and thermic shocks. Apilco is appropriate for use in both domestic and catering situations. Apilco porcelain is: oven safe,microwave safe,freezer safe,dishwasher safe,chip resistant