What is your favourite brand of jam? What favour?

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supercook, Sep 30, 12:52am
I love Barkers or Anathoth jam's love raspberry and apricot.

buzzy110, Sep 30, 12:55am
My own homemade but if I had to buy then it would be Anathoth's simply because they were the first, wide distributor manufacturer that makes jams using just fruit sugar and water without all the other fillers and chemicals.

cookessentials, Sep 30, 1:23am
My own home made apricot jam or if I had to buy,probably Anatoth or IXL if I want something more basic for baking.

rkcroft, Sep 30, 1:53am
I like the St Dalfour Jams and Anathoth but love the Barkers Chutneys.I don't really eat jam often so can't comment on favourite flavour - possible a berry one of some sort - perhaps blueberry or raspberry since they are my favourite berries.

donnabeth, Sep 30, 2:02am
My own red or black currant jelly or Pam's blackcurrant jam.

ruckass1, Sep 30, 2:10am
The Anathoth brand is now owned by Barkers, but the person that used to make anathoth has a new brand pope jam i love Pope's raspberry jam

eastie3, Sep 30, 4:01am
My favourite is my own Black Doris/Omega plum and lemon jam or another vote for Anatoth.

1buzemum, Sep 30, 4:07am
My Mum's fig and ginger Jam ....reminds me to drop hints for more ;-)

indy95, Sep 30, 4:40am
My own homemade raspberry or apricot.

gaspodetwd, Sep 30, 4:42am
Barkers. I love strawberry in cakes. Or blackcurrant on toast.

taurus2005, Sep 30, 5:46am
Craigs Boysenberry

rakki1, Sep 30, 5:46am
My Aunty Sezzy's Peach Jam!on hot croissants...*drools*

katalin2, Sep 30, 8:53am
My own plum jam with cherries through it- yum!

ifonly, Sep 30, 7:52pm
Have you tried the new Te Horo jam.Just had the strawberry one.Very nice.

pickles7, Sep 30, 8:31pm
Bundy's grape, with a few seeds, its just devine.

horizons_, Sep 30, 8:57pm
The best jam I have had was made by my mum. Elderberry. It's to die for.

esther-anne, Sep 30, 8:59pm
Craig's blueberry - yum!

clair4, Sep 30, 9:10pm
Damson Plum made from my sisters tree.Nice and has a tarty taste.

buzzy110, Oct 1, 12:20am
Yes I thought it had been sold to a big manufacturer of jams with fillers, colours, flavours and other chemical additives but so long as the ingredients were still fruit, sugar and water I was prepared to stay loyal. However, I will keep an eye out for Pope's Jam in future and thanks for the information. I appreciate it.

One thing I have found over the years with all bought jams, unlike my own homemade, is that they are all too sweet for my tastes and the fruit flavour is almost non-existent.

bedazzledjewels, Oct 1, 12:44am
The only jam I use has to be sugar-free so I buy Jo'n'Al brand made in Chch.

deus701, Oct 1, 5:01am
I like Dalfour & Anathoth jams. Another one that isn't too bad is Rose..usually has the label Roses Conserve as opposed to jams.

alebix, Oct 1, 10:13am
homemade feijoa jam

or any brand Strawberry jam.

elliehen, Oct 2, 2:50am
The jams made by the women of the Lionesses community organisation and sold twice a year outside local supermarkets...all packed with fruit.There you'll find all the rare and wonderful varieties like Rhubarb & Ginger, Fig Conserve, Pear Ginger, Quince Jelly, Crab Apple Jelly and plum jam made from old heritage trees.

annies3, Oct 2, 2:58am
Have always used Anathoth from when they first started selling it at the market in Nelson and raspberry tarts too, but the company has been sold and it is made in Geraldine now and I dont like it as much but there Boysenberry is good.

annies3, Oct 2, 3:00am
I see that the restaurant nth of Oamaru which won the restaurant of the year over all categories is selling its produce at the counter, havent tried it yet.