Thai kumera salad

judah2, Sep 20, 2:54am
anyone a recipe for Thai Kumera Salad like you buy at New World Waipukurau

pickles7, Sep 20, 7:07am
What do you think is in it. Start writing out the ingredients, you will be surprised at how close you will get it.

shelley39, Sep 21, 12:58am
I have tried several time with this recipe and failed.Now I roast the kumera (and other veges) and make a mix of balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, little mustard and oil. pour over roast veges.

pickles7, Sep 21, 1:31am
It probably had a little chili in it. you tube is great to watch things being made.

babysister, Apr 6, 12:12pm
Ask them for the list of ingredients. Woolworths provide them when asked, I assume New World do as well. If you have no luck with them let me know and I'll find out for you :-)