Cake baking, ideas needed

dorothy_vdh, Sep 20, 12:50am
I have offered to bake cakes to help with the celebrations of my in laws being in NZ for 50 years.

I have decided to make a spiced apple cake for the Dutch theme,but what cake would you think of a kiwi?
I'm thinking either chocolate(which could of course be Dutch as well) or banana.
what would you make. I need to have made a decision by this weekend

holz22, Sep 20, 1:03am
not really a cake, but what about a pav for the kiwi cake?

fifie, Sep 20, 1:04am
Kiwi fruit muffins with choc chips, or maybe you could make it a kiwi cake.

dorothy_vdh, Apr 4, 12:16pm
can't do pav as we have to travel over 5 hours on the Friday and they aren't needed till the Sunday. No facilities to make it there either.

I think I'll just go with chocolate cake and the spicy apple cake, but thanks for the ideas anyway