An very old recipie trying to convert

konga, Aug 14, 1:55am
Can youplease help me have just got a really old recipie off my mum for biscuitsand I cant cope with the old measurements
3 oz butter (I think this converts to 75grams)
3oz sugar
8 oz flour (1 1/4 cup? )
thanks heaps.

nanasee1, Aug 14, 1:59am
My conversation for that would be 75g butter, 1/3 cup sugar, 1 1/2 cups flour. I am sure someone else will be more precise! Good luck

konga, Aug 14, 2:02am
Thanks nanasee1 for your help.

greerg, Aug 14, 2:04am
From the destitute gourmet - a handy conversion link page. php? option=com_content
To convert ounces to grams, multiply ounces x 28. 35
To convert pounds to grams, multiply pounds x 453. 59

In cooking grams will replace ounces
1, 000g = 1 kg = 2lbs. 4 oz.

davidt4, Aug 14, 4:08am
85g butter
85g sugar
225g flour

buzzy110, Aug 14, 4:27am
For future reference you can just type words like - convert lbs to kilos, or convert imperial to metric, etc, into your search engine and there will appear an entire page of conversion calculators to choose from.

konga, Aug 14, 4:29am
Thanks everybody! !

storm3, Aug 14, 9:28am
*snorts* a 'really old recipe'? Whatever;)
It has measurements and ingredients you can identify! You should see what a 'really old receipt'looks like.
*'receipt' used deliberately, recipe is a modern word lol

winnie231, Aug 14, 10:03am
The 'modern' word - recipe - has been used since the 1700's ... although not as old as receipt - I think it qualifies as old ...

whitehead., Aug 14, 10:15am
if you look at a butter pack you should find lines along the side of it each line is one ounce of butter this is an easy way to work the butter out with a sharp knife

dbab, Jan 25, 4:48pm
Actually whitehead, one line on a packet of butter is 50gms, which is more like 2oz.