A question about Semolina...

chris160179, Aug 12, 8:34pm
I bought Semolina yesterday, to give to my 7 month old daughter in place of expensive baby rice.

So this morning I defrosted her cubes of fruit, and just mixed in some Semolina from the bag. It was a bit gritty to me, but she didn't seem to mind it.

Is it ok to eat like that, or should I have cooked it? If so, how do you cook it?


noonesgirl, Aug 12, 8:47pm
I personally wouldn't serve semolina without cooking. Check out the messageboard on the left hand side. In keyword put semolina then date posted - anytime. Hints on there.

gardie, Aug 12, 8:52pm
Semolina should definately be cooked.

davidt4, Aug 12, 9:05pm
Semolina is raw wheat. It should definitely be cooked.

marcs, Jan 21, 4:52pm
Boil like you do porridge with water or milk (formula). I used to feed my babies like this and they loved it. They still love semolina pudding. Also cut some some fresh or tinned fruit and cook it together.

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