Weight Watchers - on a budget!

chris160179, Aug 5, 9:49am
Hi there. I'm currently doing Weight Watchers, which is going well, apart from the cost of buying all the healthy food required!

Obviously fruit and vegetables are a necessity, and I plan to start buying milk powder, baking our own bread, and making our own yogurt, but I'd love to get our grocery bill down to around $100 a week.

Last week I spent $220, including $45 on f&v, and this week we managed to get it down to just under $160.

So has anyone done Weight Watchers on a tight budget?

Please share your recipes, and tips. Thank you! :)

goodbooks, Aug 5, 9:53am
Hi - to reduce costs, try buying fruit and veges at a fruit and vege shop, rather than the supermarket - they're usually cheaper - and locally grown in many cases - also use a butcher shop for meat.

nfh1, Aug 5, 10:05am
Use veges and fruit which are in season. There are lots of recipes on the WW site - I think there is a page where they give ideas for produce in season.

Good Luck with it.

nikki1305, Aug 5, 11:36pm
Hi there,
I do WW and I don't find my grocery bill any more expensive than when I bought standard groceries as it is all just normal food.
I can highly recommend the WW cookbooks, they have fantastic recipes in them and are really yummy.

fruitluva2, Aug 5, 11:42pm
Try to catch the meat and dairy goods' specials on mons- tuesdays especially in Aucks!

white_elephant, Aug 6, 9:54am
I'm doing WW, I'm nearly there, I've not done it strictly on points but portion size so eating less is costing less.

autocars1, Aug 7, 7:28am
Yes, I know what you mean, you would think eating less would be cheaper.

What I do now is really shop around. When I do my walks I go around all the shops and compare the prices of things, and I have found that keeping away from Foodtow, woolworths, and other big shops saves me heaps. Pac N save are no longer cheap. Check our your local green grocers, around the back... you will be amased by going a few different places you can chop your cost in half.

toadfish, Aug 7, 7:35am
The beauty of WW is that you can eat everyday real food. Don't get the WW brand stuff, take your calculator to the supermarket and work things up.

eg Pams Rice Crackers packet in snacksize bags are only 1 point from memory.

Doing WW can be done the same as not. We eat Meat & Veg normally for dinner & fruit during the day, just work out all the points for your family meals and then adjust your quantity.

toadfish, Jan 3, 12:13pm

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