Masterchef Aus challenge? - inspirational dishes

unknowndisorder, Aug 3, 10:34am
As TVNZ seems to change the times occasionally, I missed the start of today's programme (not a biggie), but it meant I concentrated more on where it started.
I gather it was a challenge on what has defined you/inspired you from childhood.
It got me thinking (a bit) and there are two things that stand out for me.
Mum used to bake an almond cake (it was her repertoire and funnily enough, we got sick of it quickly and she stopped making it when it started going to waste).
The 2nd thing was she was on a diet and had to eat grilled liver. We came home to the house stinking of grilled liver (well-done/burnt) and forced to eat it (I think we told her to get stuffed politely, after trying to chew it for half an hour and not really getting anywhere - dad was on our side).

Anyway, I'd be hard pressed to think of what inspired me (lately it's been a friend who's brilliant and whom my husband has told me I could never cook/bake as good as her, so have to prove him wrong).

Food hasn't been something that inspires me, until recently, and only if I'm in the right zone. I basically eat to live, not live to eat and sometimes envy those the other way.

I did think about becoming a chef when younger, but found the reasoning behind that and lost interest.

Now, your stories will be appreciated and enjoyed by others (hehe, group hugs anyone).

duckmoon, Aug 4, 3:31am
My story would have been rice pudding...

My grandmother used to make, my dad loves it... we grew up on it... and my fondest memory is my dad and my daughter sitting at the kitchen table eating rice pudding together.

nfh1, Aug 4, 3:49am
Not sure about inspirational but my Mum used to make Meat and Potato Pie with Suet Crust Pastry! Millions of calories and it was so yummy.

I must make it sometime and then plan a huge walk.

motorbo, Aug 4, 4:49am
top of the list my mum chocolate eclairs she wasnt just famous in our family for them but throughout the town! ! ! she wasnt a great cook as in dinners, we got meat and three vege, but she could bake man could she bake! ! my fave meals she did were meatloaf and her version of an irish stew, later in life she created this dish god it was yum, think of pancakes about 1/2inch thick filled with walnuts, sanwiched so about 5 layers with whipped cream and peaches inbetween, god it was good! ! thanks thinking about this warms my heart! ! !

nfh1, Aug 4, 4:50am
Your pancake dish would follow my potato pie dish nicely.

rainrain1, Aug 4, 5:50am
Wasn't that a super super program!

mydebe, Aug 4, 6:13am
I remember growing up on my mothers sultana biccies, possibly one of the easiest recipes ever (everything in one pot) but no matter how hard I try I can never manage to make mine anywhere near as good as hers.
Now my children adore them and always ask their Grans to make her special biccies when she comes to stay.
We weren't a huge "foodie" family when I was growing up, food was fuel for your body as opposed to a passion, nowhere near like what my children are growing up surrounded by. Having said that, everything my mother made was made with love and that is what I remember most. Thanks Mum. xxxx

rainrain1, Aug 4, 6:18am
Pikelets and scones on the griddle, they were fantastic. Remember the old green heavy bottomed frypans, my sister still uses Mums and I managed to buy a small one at an auction sale once.

waswoods, Aug 4, 8:58am
Snap, mydebe - food was for fuel. However, my mother made an awesome roast dinner. I also remember pancakes (crepes) on a cold, wet Sunday afternnon with cinnamon sugar and lemon juice. That wouldn't have made such a stunning offering for judges, so I would have gone for the sort of comfort food I make now. Last Saturday night I made pumpkin soup and SI cheese rolls. After we's finished eating, my hubby said to me, "Dear, you are just the best cook; you can turn your hand to anything and it always tastes wonderful"

graham1972, Aug 4, 9:34am
Was thinking about this last night and Rabbit Pie my Grandma used to make the most devine rabbit pie puffy pastry and rabbit covered in gravy also sugar buns and belgium square which she use to dredge with icing sugar so when I would look at the square it would remind me of snow also mum use to make a caramello cake with ricebubbles and of course oysters dad bringing home oysters and me eating them raw from little

petal1955, Aug 4, 10:02am
My Nana made the best "Bubble & Squeek" in a heavy enamal ( I think) fry pan green with white specks... . this B&S was accompanied by fried eggs with runny yolks and hand made chips and black pudding ... . all fried in dripping! ! no such thing as high cholestral in those days! ! ! ! ! ! God I do MISS those breakfasts

wasala, Aug 4, 10:27am
I never usually see that show but I caught the episode you're talking about and it was very touching. I've met George and Matt and I have no doubt they were both very genuinely moved by the emotion behind those dishes. My Nana was an amazing baker. She's been dead 35 years this week and I'm not sure if I could recreate any of her best recipes but I really should try. I don't know where her hand-written recipe book went. I must ask my aunt!

goodbooks, Dec 29, 1:17pm
I loved the show - I sat here in tears too as I watched -now I have adult kids who have asked for a book each of "Mum's Recipes" - so am in the process of doing this - and so the traditions continue. .