non bake cheesecake recipe

mobler, Feb 20, 5:12am
does anyone have a non bake cheesecake recipe please

pamellie, Feb 20, 5:16am
Black Forrest Cheesecake

250g chocolate thins (crushed)
125g melted butter
• Mix together.
• Press into 20cm tin.
• Refrigerate.

½ cup hot water
1 tbsp gelatine
250g cream cheese
¾ cup sugar
300ml cream (whipped)
425g can boysenberries (drained but keep juice)
• Sprinkle gelatine over hot water and dissolve.
• Beat cream cheese, sugar until smooth.
• Add gelatine to cream cheese mix.
• Beat.
• Fold in whipped cream.
• Fold in boysenberries.
• Spread onto base.

1 tbsp cornflour
¾ cup boysenberry syrup
Few drops vanilla essence
• Put cornflour into pot.
• Gradually stir in boysenberry syrup until boiling.
• Remove from heat, add essence.
• Cool slightly spread over cheesecake.

245sam, Aug 24, 4:12am
mobler, do you have a particular flavour preference for the cheesecake? Here's the recipe from my very first attempt - a very successful one! - at making a cheesecake... . .

HEAVENLY CHEESECAKE - always popular whenever I make it so I hope you will enjoy it too.
Crumb Crust:
1 packet plain biscuits (crushed)
170g butter, melted

Combine the biscuits and butter, then spread evenly into a 22·5cm (9”) springform tin and up the sides. Chill while preparing the Filling:
1 tbsp gelatine
250g cream cheese
¾ cup sugar
3 eggs
¼ cup each of water, lemon juice and milk
pinch salt

Blend the gelatine with the water and lemon juice, then set it aside. Combine the cream cheese, ½ cup sugar, beaten egg yolks, milk and salt. Cook over simmering water for 10 minutes, then blend in the gelatine mixture. Cool the mixture.
Beat 3 egg whites, gradually adding the remaining ¼ cup sugar, until soft peaks form. Fold this into cheese mixture and pour the filling carefully into crumb crust. Refrigerate.
If desired, pile whipped cream on top and serve as a dessert or as a cake with coffee.
This is nicest at least 1 day old, and freezes well too. :-))

This recipe and LOTS more can be found at:- php? f=19&t=483

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