Breadmaker Jam

nauru, Aug 2, 5:17am
Hi, my newly aquired breadmaker has an option for jam making. Has anyone tried making jam in their breadmaker? I would be grateful for any feedback as to how it turned out and compared with traditionally made jam.

lanceandkathrin, Aug 3, 7:29am
I have tried it a couple of times with my tefal breadmaker but both times the results were unimpressive. I tried strawberry jam and followed the recipes in the booklet but the jam never set properly and I had to reboil it on the stove and add a bit more sugar.

nauru, Aug 3, 8:05am
Hi, thanks for your feedback. I decided to give it a go and made some lemon/orange marmalade today. I havea breville BM, followed their recipe, it suggested adding jam setter, which I did. It turned out OK, I'd say more like a jam than a marmalade, tastes very fruity, I was suprised. I have some plums so will give that a go and see how it goes.

pygmyhippo, Aug 4, 2:35am
I made plum jam in my sunbeam BM. I used the sugar that has jam setter in with it, and the jam turned out absolutely perfect. Was very tasty!

nauru, Dec 26, 10:14pm
thnks will give that a try too