How do i cook

emma-girl, Feb 20, 2:40am

fisher, Feb 20, 2:44am
Nice slices and place in a steamer over boiling water... .

emma-girl, Feb 20, 2:45am
How long does it take to cook?

emma-girl, Feb 20, 2:57am
do i take the skin off it?, Feb 20, 3:00am
depends how thick u cut it. . anywhere from a 2-15 mins . . just poke it with something until its at the desired softness. . or roast it, grate it cook in a pan. . if u can cook a spud u can cook pumpkin.

barloo, Feb 20, 3:01am
roasted! ! With skin in. You can boil with or without the skin and some eat the skin and some don't. Cook till tender., Feb 20, 3:01am
if u want.

I wont ask what sort of pumpkin it is. . u will be able to tell by the finished cooked product if your able to eat the skin.

karenz, Feb 20, 3:02am
You can also cut it into chunks and bake it in the oven, or cut it into chunks and boil it and mash it with lots of milk and butter and a pinch of nutmeg. If you are steaming or boiling I would peel it if baking I would not. It doesn't take as long as potato to cook if that is any help.

emma-girl, Feb 20, 3:05am
Cool thanks everyone

rainrain1, Feb 21, 3:56am
We love it chunked, skin on, and boiled in salted water. But get your timing right before it mushes too much

beaker59, Feb 21, 4:45am
I love roast pumkin it cooks quicker than potato so bigger pieces makes it the samecooking time, Oh and skin on for more flavour leave it on the plate or some people eat it. Pumkin soup is good too.

gibbze, Sep 4, 3:15am
hi there baking pumpkin in oven cut just the top of the pumpkin take the seeds outadd bacon onion herbs its up to you place the top back on cook for 2 hours it makes great soup and so easy just take the filling out add stockmash the pumpkin and injoy makes soup 4 8 people

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