Aussie Masterchef

emmas, Jul 28, 9:00am
is there a thread on Tme abouthe aussie Masterchef?

nfh1, Jul 28, 9:49am
I have not seen one emmas - but there is now! I have just watched tonight's episode - I record it so that I do not have to watch the ads!

winnie231, Jul 28, 10:01am
No, not for this series ... but there is now :)
Tonight was excellent! ! !
I was drooling about the steak ... now - as well as a heat pump, my new apartment in Chch has to have a place for a BBQ! ! ! !

antoniab, Jul 28, 10:03am
I love the programme but cant stand the lil short shaved headed guy that rips off Gordan Ramseys hand gestures waaaaay too much - so over the top its ridiculous! lol

cuteviolet, Jul 28, 10:09am
I was so p***d off the other morning watching Aussie Sky News. Not their fault of course, but they had a report about who won the comp. Was not going to go to any websites that would have given me the winner - but - too late now! ! ! Bugger :(

supadeal, Jul 28, 10:24am
LastThursday, The Warehouse had 50% off all cook books, and I was delightedto buy a copy of Julie Goodwin`s book for $25. Julie was Australia`s first Master Chef winner and herbook has some lovely recipes and is beautifully illustrated. It will make alovely gift for my daughter who loves cooking.

nfh1, Jul 28, 10:24am
how annoying. I avoid all the websites too as I never like to know who wins.

supadeal, Jul 28, 10:29am
Oh, what a shame that is so disappointing for you. I`ve already picked out my 2 favourites, Phillip and the young woman who is a lawyer but I cant remember her name. At least they are both in the top 24 so I hope that they both do well.

marcs, Jul 28, 10:44am
Masterchef finished in Auz on Sunday just gone. It was alright however none of my favourites won. I would have loved Jonathan to win considering that he was almost in every elimination challenge. I felt sorry for him for always getting the short straw but he always came back from his elimination challenges. He got to top 10 I think or possibly top 5 but not sure.

winnie231, Jul 28, 10:49am
Please don't share thoughts that indicate the outcome.
Some of us don't know and don't want to! ! !
No-one has said who won - but I don't even want to know who didn't win!
Thanks :)

nfh1, Jul 28, 10:51am
thanks for that!

kvb, Jul 28, 10:24pm
Oh, just went to the masterchef website to take a look at the recipes and oh dear, now I know who won - not a 'biggie' tho, will still enjoy the series - a great program and very inspiational...

lizab, Jul 28, 11:07pm
kvb - I too clicked on a recipe link and was disappointed to see the finalists! ! The programme had only just started here though, so I didn't look closely at the pictures of the people, as I didn't really recognise them anyway! I got off the site quick though, so still don't know who wins luckily! ! I think I'll start a thread warning people about it! ! :)

marcs, Jul 29, 12:02am
sorry was just shareing my dissapointment, not who the winner was.

bedazzledjewels, Jul 29, 12:09am
I saw some of this show when I was in Australia last. They published a Masterchef magazine too, but by the time I went looking for a copy, it had sold out.
Hope they sell the mags here too, although it's not appeared so far.

tahnasha, Jul 29, 2:34am
Hi everyone. I'm in Aussie, so have seen the the whole series and know who the winner is.

If anyone wants one of the Recipes, and doesn't want to go to the website in case they see the winner, let me know which recipe you want, and I will copy and paste it in here for you.

nfh1, Jul 29, 3:00am
yes I would have been disappointed too, but I do not want to who does not win either! !

dbab, Jul 30, 10:09pm
Just come home from a week in Aussie. I refused to watch the show because I didn't want to know who won, and then on one of the early morning programmes they were talking to the winner just as I turned the TV on.

bedazzledjewels, Dec 11, 4:42pm
I missed the episode with Matt Moran - my daughter got married at his restaurant in Sydney. I must check the website for it.