kiwiscrapper1, Jul 26, 10:26pm
hubby went fishing sunday and we have had fish crumbed mornayed and will finish the rest tonight any different way i can do with it. TIA

susieq9, Jul 26, 11:32pm
Fish pie. Make some pumpkin soup and add some chunky fish to it just at the end and cook for another minute or so. Very nice.

cookessentials, Jul 26, 11:40pm
Sweet and sour fish is always nice. I cut fish into small pieces and coar with a mixture of flour and sesame seeds. I gently pan fry in batches and serve with a home made sweet and sour sauce ( I have the recipe if you would like it) You can either serve as is or with rice.

cookessentials, Jul 26, 11:46pm
1x onion;2tbsp soy sauce;1x clove garlic;2 tbsp brown sugar;salt;1 tbsp vinegar;1 cup pineapple pieces in juice;1/4 cup cold water;2 tbsp cornflour; ground ginger.

Peel and finely chop the onion, crush the garlic in salt. Combine pineapple, soy sauce;ground ginger and vinegar in saucepan. Bring to the boil and simmer 2-3 mins. Mix cornflour to a paste with the water. Add the sauce and cook till clear and thickened for three minutes. I use this sauce for a lovely sweet and sour fish. If you want the remainder of the recipe for the fish, let me know.


marcs, Jul 27, 1:17am
I just lightly floured, seasoned and pan fried served with mashed spuds and veges is nice.

nauru, Jul 27, 6:24am
We had fish tonight for tea. I coat fillets in egg and then in seasoned flour with a little turmeric added to it, put on plate and cover, put in fridge for 30 mins. Then pan fry in a little olive oil and serve with veges, salad. and homemade tartare sauce.

darlingmole, Jul 27, 6:27am
hey cooky ~ just have to ask you if you're a chef because the recipes you post are SO good! I tried the quiche recipe (salmon and bacon with home-made pastry) and you were right about making the pastry ... it's wicked. I really appreciate all your postings even though I'm just cashing in on other peoples questions!

cookessentials, Dec 4, 9:56am
Hi darlingmole, no I just love cooking- two Sisters and Mum, we are all the same, although, my Sister, Christine is great at sewing and craft which I am not LOL! We all share lots of different recipes and ideas and I like fiddling about when I have the time.

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