Cake help please.

theanimal1, Jul 22, 12:21pm
I can bake muffins, slices, biscuits, make puddings etc, but for the life of me i can not produce a decent cake... . what am i doing wrong?
I follow the recipe to a tee, but they still rise in the middle, look fantastic... then dang it they explode and sink real low.
Still taste okay just a bit more cooked than normal.
I use new ingredients as well and it does'nt seem to make a difference.
Help please ! ! !

Thanks in advance.

dilligaf_dah, Jul 22, 12:36pm
Oven not hot enough. Heat the over athigher than stated then turn it down to required heat when you have put the cake in (if recipe state 180 c have oven heating at 220 till heated. then turn down to 180 when you put the cake in. ). eggs at room temp not refrigerated also.

indy95, Nov 20, 8:49pm
There are several reasons for sinking cakes, firstly undercooking the cake, secondly because the mixture might have too wet. While baking the moisture forms steam and helps the cake to rise, but as soon as it starts to cool the steam will condense and make the cake collapse.

Another cause is opening the oven door to check on what is happening, thus letting in cold air. This can also happen if the tin is knocked during baking.

Hope these suggestions are of some help to you. It is very frustrating to see all your effort and those expensive ingredients going to waste, isn't it ?

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