Help icing substitute

sazrim, Jul 22, 8:16am
Ive done a dum dum thing, made some strawberry slice and when I went to make the icing for the top I realised no icing sugar! What can I put on top instead? I have a pakt of marshmallows, castor sugar, butter, brown sugar etc, sprinkles. What could I use? ? thanks :)

kaysu, Jul 22, 8:23am
Maybe sprinkle castor sugar over, although it won't stick if mixture is already cooked. Save to ice tomorrow or serve with ice cream.

sazrim, Jul 22, 8:29am
yeh its already cooked and cooled. I wanted it to put in kids lunchboxes tomorrow. Lol never mind I will have to make something else and ice this tomorrow afternoon. thanks kaysu.

noonesgirl, Nov 20, 2:14am
cut into fingers & should be ok without icing.

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