Raw fish

jc_cw, Jul 22, 12:03am
does anyone have the recipie that invoves soaking raw fish in lemon juice (and maybe coconut milk? ). i think its rarotongan?

motorbo, Jul 22, 12:16am
what sort of recipe do you want? you basically chop up the fish to the desired size and soak in lemon or lime juice till its opaquethen add your salad ingredients along with the coconut cream. i put in mine red or spring onion, cucumber, tomatoes, and lotsa parsley

jc_cw, Jul 22, 12:18am
thats the one! ! thanks :)

pickles7, Jul 22, 12:22am
Like you cut up good quality white fish, cover it with lemon juice, leave to "cook" You will know when this is complete by the colour of the fish, eg cooked.
Pour over coconut cream and add whatever takes your fancy. chopped gherkins, tomato without the seeds, red, green, yellow capsicums, a bit of celery, chopped onion, all or any combination of at least three. never a hard and fast thing such as a "recipe". whatever you have on hand in most cases, as cheap or as expensive as you like. Salads are like that. stand back, and use what you have.
Chill well before serving. Enjoy.

smallfam, Jul 22, 12:26am
Mmmmmmmmmmm! !

jc_cw, Jul 22, 3:09am
thanks so much, DPs mum had a raro party for her 40th and served it, was 1st time i had ever had raw fish, and it was delicious!

fisher, Nov 19, 10:03am
Raw Fish
My preference is Yellowfin tuna
500g fish. . 2 cups coconut cream. . 1 onion, finely chopped. . lemon juice. . salt and pepper. . 1 tbsp parsley. .
Cut fish into cubes... Put in bowl and cover with lemon juice... Chill at least 2-3 hrs...
In separate bowl, mix coconut cream, seasonings and onion. .
Chill till thickened.
About one hour before serving, drain juice off fish and stir in coconut cream. . Return to refrigerator to chill...
Add a little chilli powder"Kakoda" ( Fiji)
Can use lime juice instead of lemon juice
Can add diced chopped cucumber
Can add diced red capsicum
Can add grated carrot
Can add chopped chives instead of parsley