Cold roast pork - any ideas on how to use it up?

kuaka, Jun 26, 10:38am
Okay, so the piece of pork I cooked was too big for us. It was delicious when we had it roasted with all the roast veg, it was okay last night sliced and reheated in onion gravy, tonight I minced some with onion, formed it into meatballs with an egg mixed in, and then deep friend the meatballs in batter and served with sweet and sour sauce. They were yummy. We've still got enough left for at least another meal. Any suggestions please?

245sam, Jun 26, 10:58am
kuaka, have a look at:- php? f=13&t=299

horse30, Jun 27, 1:51am
gee I wish I had seen this one the other day same did a big roast and yeah had cold pork sammies for two days then gave the rest to the dogs what a waste ! ! ! ! nevermind

kuaka, Jun 27, 1:53am
we've had cold pork sammies as well ! !

simon.l, Sep 9, 9:11am
Hi, I fry up 1 chopped onion and some mushrooms, add 2 teaspoons of curry powder, add 4 cups of boiled water with 4 teaspoons of chicken stock powder dissolved in it and 2 cups of rice. Add some black pepper. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 20 mins until rice is cooked. Add some frozen peas and chopped cubes of left over pork. Cook until peasand pork are done. Can add more hot water with stock powder if needed if the rice isn't cooked or if mixture starts sticking. Delicious. My kids don't like curry flavour so I leave it out when they have it.

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