Nutolene - recipe for use wanted

paulasillars, Jun 26, 4:26am
I picked up a couple of cans of Nutolene from the supermarket while they were in the clearance area and with the first one made a lovely vegetarian nut loaf from a recipe on the Sanitarium website.

I just went to check the recipe again and they have changed the site and the recipe has gone and I can't find anything similar anywhere.

Does anyone have this recipe or a something I can use this stuff in?

uli, Jun 26, 4:27am
Maybe ask in the vegetarian thread?

elliehen, Jun 26, 4:30am
Nutolene is best used cut in thin slices and fried quickly in oil or butter to brown. Children love the peanutty taste too. It's a useful tasty standby in the pantry.

When you open the can, cut both ends and just push it out in a roll.

Edited for afterthought :)

ferita, Nov 20, 9:43am
You can mash it up with some tomato sauce and chopped onion and put it on sandwiches.

I love it diced up in cheese sauce with asparagus (asparagus mornay)