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bo0tsey, Jan 10, 11:35pm
Boil the jug... 1/3-1/2 fill a cup (I use a measuring jug) with boiling water. Crack an egg into the cup of water. Zap for 35-45 seconds on high (depending on size of egg) and then tip out in a slotted spoon. .

Perfect! mmmmmmmmmmmm

bo0tsey, Jan 10, 11:39pm
You'll never bother with a pot again!

korbo, Jan 11, 3:54am
does the egg not explode. do you have to prick it.

bo0tsey, Jan 11, 5:49am
Nope cos its immersed in water!

lmarsh, Jan 11, 5:51am
I use this method as well, it's just too easy. I have poached eggs at work and everyone gets so jealous. korbo, the egg doesn't explode and you don't have to prick the yolk, just make sure the water covers the egg completely

dbab, Jan 11, 6:20am
I suppose you wouldn't need to add any vinegar to the water then would you?

uli, Jan 11, 6:51am
Cracked eggs cannot explode to my knowledge ...
Not even under micro waves .

2halls, Jan 11, 7:10am
Let me assure you, that after twice having to clean egg out of the vent of my microwave, that the yolk most certainly CAN explode (and does when you least expect it to). I did dozens of eggs over the course of months, and then finally one blew. What a noise, what a mess, what a pong ! Now I always cover the pyrex jug that I'm cooking it in with cling film as my "insurance policy" :-)

maxwell.inc, Jan 11, 7:56am
yolks explode if there is nothing covering them (water etc) we used to do it as kids for fun. . the BANG used to make the old microwave JUMP lol (egg inside a closed tupperware container = huge bang when the yolk goes)

uli, Jan 11, 8:01am
Wow - what an exciting thing. And I always thought eggs can only explode if you cook them in the shell but not when you crack them open.

Mind you I don't have a microwave and most likely never will - so that is all hearsay to me ... LOL :)

2halls, Jan 11, 5:38pm
My yolks are always covered (I cook them in quite a deep jug of water), so I think you will find they can explode regardless of whether covered or not ...

amazing_grace, Jan 11, 9:24pm
Ok, I tried this twice this morning, and neither time was a perfect poached egg! The first one, the white was runny and the yolk set hard, the second one half the white cooked hard while the other half stayed runny, and the yolk was too overcooked also... help, what am I doing wrong! (Mind you I make a lovely vortex poached egg in water on the stove)...

dbab, Jan 11, 10:33pm
I'm with you amazing grace. I had one hard egg and one undercooked. Had to cook longer than 35-45 secs too. I guess you have to experiment, or do you have to hold your mouth the right way?

sue1955, Jan 12, 12:01am
I had success with this method this morning. Did 2 eggs separately for 35secs in a 1100w microwave. I presume that the wattage of the microwave may matter in this method, so that you get it just right.

madzwhippet, Jan 12, 6:31am
Just a tip learned years ago on an egg judging course ... . the very best eggs for poaching are pullets eggs ... . . the white is firm and the chaleze (? spelling) holds the yolkcentrally... . no vinegar needed to poach these ... . . always look for small pullets eggs when buying for poaching... . if you have your own chooks you will notice the difference from pullets eggs to older chook eggs ... ... ... . keep the latter for scrambling or to use in baking... . M

griffo4, Jan 12, 6:53am
l did 2 eggs this morning the first one sort of exploded at the 35th second so l did the 2nd one for 20sec then checked and then put on for 10secs then turned the egg over as is wasn't cooked on the bottom gave it another 5 secs and perfect except DH said there was no vinegar, lol.
l then re read the recipe to find that l didn't have enough water so will add more water and "vinegar" and try again tomorrow, thanks for the recipe it was the best one l have done and the first one the yolk was good but it was the white that splattered about.
My microwave is 1100 watt

angel404, Jan 12, 9:54am
my husband cooks his eggs in a mug in the MW. but he doesnt mind if the yolk is hard. i prefer my egg yolk soft.

angel404, Jan 12, 9:55am
oh and the mug has nothing it in cept for the egg - will tell him about the water when i see him next

bo0tsey, Jan 22, 3:29am
Still works for me. . I cook a couple a week this way. I would say time depends on wattage of microwave, amount of water, size of egg etc, keep experimenting! !

buzzy110, Jan 22, 4:08am
Gosh. what a lot of fluffing about to get just one poached egg. You have to stand about opening and closing the microwave, tipping it out and doing it all over again if you want more than one.

I can get four done at once in a frying pan of boiling water on the stove. I can ensure they are cooked exactly how everyone wants and while they are cooking I can be making the coffee, cooking the toast, setting the table, washing and cutting up a few tomatoes and getting the plates out and ready. I can also feed the neighbours cat, rescue the cryptic crossword and talk to my husband. Glad I am not a slave to the beeping monster in the corner of the kitchen.

In the end, you use exactly the same number of dishes as well.

rainrain1, Jan 22, 4:46am
Sounds great, will try one or two for tea tonight... thanks :-)

toadfish, Jan 22, 4:51am
Thats exactly how I do it every morning, I have a small brown arcoroc bowl, my microwave takes 55 secs for the perfect egg, firm but runny yolk. I just add boliing water and a splash of malt vinegar. The reason I do it this way (Not in a saucepan or frypan) is the little arcoroc bowl takes up far less space in my dishwasher than a saucepan. Perfect when you are only cooking for 1.

enjoytrademe, Feb 14, 5:19am
I so want this to work and have tried this lots of times over the past few weeks with variable results. I half fill a coffee cup with boiling water and add the egg and cook35secs. Sometimes perfect, nicely formed but other times white detaches and not the perfect egg THEN there are the times the whole egg explodes - I do the same thing everytime so not really sure why the vast differing result. Any suggestions appreciated. Might just have to go back to poaching in saucepan:)

davidt4, Feb 14, 5:21am
It's so easy to just poach eggs in a panful of simmering water - as long as your eggs are fresh there is no need for any complicated methods.

dasfi, Feb 14, 8:19pm
im going to try this later. Hope it works

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