How Long To Steam Pudding In A Crockpot?

lindy12, Jun 12, 1:34am
I have found one recipe on the internet where you actually make the pudding in the crockpot but I want to try making one in a proper steam pudding container and then submerging that in a crockpot filled with water. Does anyone know how long it would take to cook?

harrislucinda, Jun 12, 1:51am
mine saysforaxmaspud7 hrs

lindy12, Jun 12, 1:53am
Thanks for that. I've just spent some time looking on the interent and the average seems to be about 8 hours on low, or 3 on High. Thought I might try a good old-fashioned Dominion pudding that my mother used to make.

245sam, Jun 12, 3:10am
lindy12, I very successfully steam puds in the crockpot just as you want to try doing - have a look at Steamed Marmalade Pudding at the end of the thread on the following link (I am the "poster unknown" of that recipe):- php? f=19&t=481

robyn35, Jun 12, 4:30am
I make the golden syrup type of steamed pudding in the crockpot (its done in the crock bowl not in a pudding bowl in water) and that only takes about 1 to 1. 5 hours on high.

bedge1, Jun 12, 4:36am
Could I have the receipie & how you do that in the crockpot please! !

calista, Jun 13, 2:16am
Simon and Alison Hoslst's red crockpot book, called something like 101 things to cook on a slow cooker - has a plum pudding recipe that's great. If you divide it in 2 it fits in the smallest metal mixing bowls you can find in the Warehouse.

trixieleigh, Jun 13, 4:20am
Hi anyone know where I can buy the basin with lid to make a steam pudding thanks

nzmu, Jun 13, 4:38am

trixieleigh, Jun 13, 4:40am
Thanks went to Briscos and the wharehouse no joy

wron, Jun 13, 7:18am
Mitre10 and Mega in Henderson have both the old fashioned Al. ones which have a screw down lid - via a small knob and are sort of hollow in the middle and the newer stainless steel ones with clip on lids in 2 sizes.

trixieleigh, Jun 13, 8:55am
thanks wron

juliewn, Jun 13, 11:55am
Check out on Trademe for one too Trixie as there are some listed.

I make Christmas Puddings in my crockpot - it works really well because I can start it cooking at least 4 hours in advance and just keep it on low once simmering. . and leave it like that till when needed - it doesn't matter if we end up having dinner an hour or more later, I just leave it simmering. Winter Christmas here on the 26th with friend's - I'll be cooking one. . yum!

andrew499, Aug 3, 11:54am
hi all.
i preheat my slow cooker on high for 20 minutes with a trivet of some sort on the bottom of the pot. Then add around a litre of boiling water, set the pud in its basin on the trivet, put the lid on and steam on high for the time the recipe recommends for conventionally steaming. i've never had a failure doing it this way. also no need to check on water level while pud is steaming.

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