Masterchef final - anyone have a hard copy recordi

unicstudent, Jun 9, 8:39am
Hello - I followed the NZ Masterchef series passionately but was out of the country for the final and specifically got My Sky installed in order to watch it when I got back - going to great lengths to avoid reading papers/billboards etc so I didn't find out the result before I watched the final. Absolute horror of horrors, when I went to watch it I saw "My Sky recording FAILED"! ! ! Noooooo! I have since heard Brett speak etc etc but still would really love to see the show. Does anyone have a hard copy eg DVD of the final? ? ? Happy to purchase through an auction if that suits eg Buy Now. Can anyone help - pleeeease? ? ? ? :)

juliewn, Jul 22, 11:55am
Hi. . you can watch it here. .

Hope this helps. .