Gluten free & dairy free dessert?

kate777, Jun 6, 11:06pm
Morning everyone,

Please can anyone help with ideas for a gluten and dairy free dessert for dinner tonight? I have thought about it all morning and the only thing I've come up with is freshly sliced fruit with a couple of sweet sauces for dipping.

I'd really like to make something a bit more comprehensive... does anyone have any ideas?


2halls, Jun 6, 11:26pm
Roasted Autumn Fruits. Take apples, pears, nashi (whatever you like or have), wash and slice (I leave the skin on, but this is optional). Put in a large baking dish lined with baking paper. Add a handful of nice raisins and a handful of dates and walnuts. Now mix together equal proportions of brown sugar and balsamic vinegar. Toss the fruit in the balsamic sugar mix and bake at 190-200C for about 15-20 mins. The fruit will slightly soften and the raisins and dates go lovely and caramelly. Serve either warm or at room temperature. For non dairy free guests this could be served with a scoop of icecream or blob of yoghurt (if desired). But it truly is delicious by itself :-)

kate777, Jun 7, 12:17am
That sounds lovely! Maybe I can serve it with a berry sorbet or something too...

Thanks :)

2halls, Jun 7, 12:54am
That's a good idea. You could even just whizz up frozen fruit with a splash of rice milk (or almond milk) and then it would also be suitable for the DF GF guest/s. If you do this, then do it just before you serve. It's much quicker than making a standard sorbet :-)

holz22, Jun 7, 1:35am
how about meringues? and cream

2halls, Jun 7, 2:00am
Cream is dairy ...

kate777, Jun 7, 2:19am
holz22: Meringues are egg and cream is dairy so I'm thinking not!

I've made some brandy snap baskets with cornflour instead of wheat flour and margarine instead of butter, a passionfruit custard with soy milk instead of cow's milk, and custard powder instead of eggs. I bought some lemon sorbet (egg white free, oddly... ) and I have some fresh passionfruit and blueberries for the top.

Damn, that was HARD! !

Thank everyone for your suggestions.

angiesbaking, Jun 7, 8:43am
Pav! ! ! ! ! ! !

amazing_grace, Jul 16, 6:51pm
Pears poached in Red Wine with Raspberry Sauce! Cut the bottom of the pears to make them able to sit upright on their own. Peel them, leaving the top stalk on. Stand them all up in a pot and cover with enough fresh orange juice to cover all your pears. Add a cinnamon stick and some sugar if you like. Simmer gently till pears are cooked but not mushy. Let cool in the fridge overnight. Heat some frozen raspberries in a pot and when hot put through a sieve to get out the seeds. Drain the pears. Serve both eithr hot or cold... Each plate has a pear and a slosh of sauce.