Need a good recipie for kumra bake

baynsley, Dec 14, 5:43am
the same kinda thing like potatoe bake but with kumra anyone got a recipie thanks :)

2boysmum, Dec 14, 6:15am
Yip! Boil some kumara which has been diced. Place in a dish. Mix a small bottle of cream with a sachet of creme of chicken soup. Pour over kumara and bake at 180* until golden on top (about 20 mins).

lindi4, Dec 14, 6:59am
Sounds nice. . wonder if it can be made with raw kumara sliced into layers and soup n cream mix poured over and baked.

2boysmum, Dec 14, 7:17am
Might be able too... but its nice with the big chunks. Otherwise it could be too sweet with not enough kumara?

lindar, Dec 15, 9:40am
slice onion kumara and potato very thin. threekumara to one potato.
layer, every now and again drizzling witholive oil, black pepper, tuscan or other herbs and a little cheese.

cover loosly and cook very slowly for about an hour, remove lid sprinkle on cheese and continue to cook till soft and the kumara has caramalised. deliciious.

lindar, Jun 29, 10:16am
Ha, just found this while looking for other kumara bake recipes. thought it sounded like mine. FORGOT TO WRITE LAYER IN THINLY SLICED ONION.

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