How do you eat your tin of creamed rice...

tickle_me_babe, May 28, 6:05am
Looking for ideas on how you eat yours... .

eastie3, May 28, 6:06am
Ice cold, from the fridge. I buy the small size, vanilla.

jessie981, May 28, 6:16am
grandie eats it straight & cold. Too sweet for me.

diana96, May 30, 8:05am
it is too sweet, did you know that flaked rice has been 'discontinued' at countdown. have you seen any , i used to buy flemmings

haulier, May 30, 8:10am
I got flaked rice from bin inn.

motorbo, May 30, 8:53am
flaked rice... . is it dried can u make it like porridge? ? i might have to try it

akjg, May 31, 6:03am
with a spoon straight from the tin out of the pantry :)

akjg, May 31, 6:04am
in summer we take it camping and have with fruit salad.

rj5, May 31, 6:24am
yep straight out of the can cold, its too runny when ya warm it up :)

lilyfield, May 31, 6:35am
never bought it- too easy to make yourself.

maandpa2b, May 31, 7:35am
WOW, i've been looking for that... . none in the supermarkets anymore.

We have our tinned stuff with peaches or some ridiculousy brandied cherries

Edited to say: and cold!

kanasie, May 31, 9:51am
I agree wiith the above. Heated up with peaches! ! The best!

rarogal, Jun 1, 3:49am
Have to have my rice pudding warm, with peaches!

cookessentials, Jun 1, 4:18am
I prefer home made, however, if it is Ambrosia creamed rice from the UK, then that is another story! !

sharn666, Jun 1, 5:10am
We put it in our breakfast banana smoothies to give it a little extra taste and substance. Lite option only.

tumeke4ueh, Jun 1, 5:16am
mmm yum love creamed rice, i heat mine up for two mins in microwave and mix a little milk into it

psychicxpress, Jun 26, 2:11pm
My hubby has just gotten out of hospital. He's got a really sore mouth and has to eat baby food stuff for a while.

I make something akin to canned rice by boiling short grain rice and sultana's together til the rice is soft and the water nearly gone...
I had 1/4 cup of sugar and 3 cups of milk and 1 tsp vanilla essence and bring it to the boil again for a few minutes so that it becomes thicker.

The rice grains were still too lumpy for hubby so I but it all through the blender to knock it down a bit, rather than waste it... It looks and tastes just like the canned rice... Even nicer when I threw in a can of peaches too =)

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